Rewind System Options

Auto Adjust Thru-Beam Label Counting Scanner

The Model SK-1 scanner is an optoelectronic slot sensor that’s perfect for label detection and mark detection. It is designed to mount on various Web Techniques rewind machines.

Barcode Validation System

The printing and barcode validation system option gives our customers the ability to print barcodes onto labels and validate the barcodes for quality assurance- all in one step.


Need to move your Web Techniques rewind system all over your facility?

Take it on the go! All you’ll need is to add the caster option to your system.

Clear or Low-Contrast Label Detection

The LRD2100 Label Edge Detection System has been specifically designed to detect clear or low-contrast pressure-sensitive labels.

Compressed Air Module

No compressed air in your facility? We have a solution for you!

Take it on the go! All you’ll need is an outlet.

Coreless Rewind Adapter

The Web Techniques Coreless Rewind Adapter can be installed and removed quickly and without any tools.

Data Logging for Rewind Systems

Do you wish that you could record live rewind data with: Label Count, Time & Date Stamp, Operator Information, and Product/Customer Name? Well, now you can!

Deionizing System

Is static build-up slowing you down or the reason your equipment is needing costly repairs?  If so a Web Techniques deionizer could help alleviate your static issues.

Easy Reach Inflation System

Web Techniques Easy Reach Inflation System will make your operators more efficient during roll change outs.

Ergo-Lift System

Would you like your table to be more ergonomically friendly for your operators? Do you have concerns over operators and repetitive stress injuries? Then the Web Techniques Ergo-Lift Height Adjustment System may be for you!

Flange Mounted Air Coreholder

Air coreholders can accommodate cores with a broader range of inside diameter tolerance. They expand concentrically for smoother operation, grip firmer, and release easier.

LED Strobe

The Web Techniques LED Strobe is an option for any new (WT-30LCI and WT-35 series) Web Techniques Rewind System! This option can also be retrofitted on existing WT-25LCI’s. Improve your error detection with the LED Strobe. The strobe light creates a “stand still” effect, allowing visual inspection at high speeds.

Label Counting System

The PC-30 Label Counting System’s primary purpose is to detect and count pressure sensitive die-cut labels on a moving web.  This counting system contains many of the components and technology that is part of the Web Techniques family of Rewind Systems.

Lift-Off Air Coreholder

These coreholders offer the BEST OF BOTH styles (Cam-Lock and Flange Mounted Air). They can be removed and installed in a second or two with no tools.

Lift-Off Cam Lock Coreholders

This is the most economical coreholder style and is the type supplied as “standard” equipment.

Low Tension Coreholder

This option is intended to lower the minimum torque inherent in the WT-35 family of products by introducing a slip differential coreholder allowing ultra-low tension control to be attained.

Multi-Lane Counting

No longer will you have to count one lane and assume all the others are correct!

A great option for multi-lane counting jobs!

Non-Label Material Rewind

Do you have a die cut component that is contained on a roll?  Web Techniques rewind machines can count and rewind your product allowing for better quality control to your customers.

Quadrature Counting

With the Quadrature Count Option on our WT-35 Rewind System you can now attain absolute accurate results with your rewind system without worrying about web bounce or miss reads on one sensor.

Slitting Attachment

Save Valuable Time and Labor …  Plus Cut Costs …  With This Easy-to-use Label Slitting Rewinder Attachment

Splice Detector System

The Splice Detector will detect the glossy surface of most splicing tapes regardless of color!

Splicing Aid

Make All Your Splices Quickly and Easily… With Perfectly Straight Edges

Vision System

Web Techniques can integrate almost any vision solution you need into our standard WT-30LCI or WT-35 family of rewind systems.

Web Cleaning

This fully integrated Meech vacuum option can be fully integrated to provide cleaning down to 1 micron debris elimination.

Digital Printing Module

  • One to four lines of print from a single printhead.
  • Superior print quality.
  • Changing jobs is fast and easy.

Missing Label / Unremoved Matrix Detector

The ERR-14 Missing Label/Unremoved Matrix Detector has united the two types of error detecting requested most by the pharmaceutical industry into one operation.

Plate Cutter - 18"

Plate cutting and plate mounting are significant factors in your production costs. The Plate Cutter from Web Techniques, available in two models, will speed up your make-ready process and improve accuracy at all stages of production.

Plate Cutters

Plate cutting and plate mounting are significant factors in your production costs. The Plate Cutter from Web Techniques, available in two models, will speed up your make-ready process and improve accuracy at all stages of production.