Stroboscope Inspection System

The Stroboscope Inspection System is no longer manufactured, and has been replaced by the LED Strobe.

Inspect Your Printed Labels Accurately … at High Speed

The Web Techniques Stroboscope Inspection System was designed specifically to inspect printed labels on moving webs at high speeds. Most strobe light systems are intended for a wide range of applications and have characteristics that are less than ideal for high-speed label inspection. Every detail in this system is optimized specifically for inspection of narrow web printed products.


  • State-of-the-art Stroboscope System, designed specifically to inspect printed labels on moving webs at high speeds.
  • The strobe lamp can be synchronized with each label, providing a “stand still” effect.
  • Brilliant light output at all flash rates.
  • Uniform coverage throughout field of view.
  • Accuracy
  • Dependability
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Effective for inspection on one of our rewind machines, or directly on press.


  • Industrial duty, with long flashtube life.
  • Rugged floating-arm lamp.
  • Test Mode selector switch to test flashtube.
  • Built-in manual flash rate, adjustable by turning a knob on the back of the lamp.
  • Self-compensating power supply provides steady flash and constant illumination (no false triggering or missing flashes).
  • Master/slave flash synchronization possible with two or more systems.
  • Optocoupled trigger input for external synchronization devices (provides noise immunity).
  • Operator protection feature safely discharges power supply and all components when the system is turned off or when power is disconnected.

Trigger Output

This feature allows you the flexibility for master/slave synchronization when you have two or more inspection systems.

An open collector output that is synchronized to the flash signal is available at the rear of the control unit. By attaching a trigger output cable between the output and the input of a second strobe control, you can synchronize the second strobe with the first.

Additional strobes can be connected in this manner, and any number of systems can be triggered from a single input signal to the first control. The trigger output can also be used to provide signals to digital counters, rate meters, etc.

The basic system consists of the Model SB-22 Stroboscope Control and the Model SB-11 Strobe Lamp.

The Model SB-11 Strobe Lamp includes a built-in manual flash rate control that can be used when a synchronized trigger signal is unavailable. A knob on the back of the lamp allows you to adjust the flash rate between one and 75 flashes per second.


Ordering Information

Power Requirements  105-125 volt 50/60 HZ  (210-250 volt optional)
 Input Range  Up to 18,000 events per minute
 Flash Ratio  Automatic self-adjusting
   1:1 up to 4500 pulses/minute input
   2:1 at 4500-9000 pulses/minute input
   4:1 at 9000-18,000 pulses/minute input
 Flash Duration  Less than 20 microseconds
 Light Color  High intensity Xenon white
 Flash Delay  Less than 10 microseconds
 Light Output  0.53 Joules/flash
 Trigger Inputs  AC coupled
       250mV to 100V peak to peak
       100 microsecond min. pulse width
   Open Collector PNP & NPN
       12VDC @ 1mA
    Oscillator input for 0-100K Pot.
    Contact closure
 Trigger Supply  5VDC and 12VDC 100mA each
 Trigger Output  Open collector
 Description  Part No.
 Model SB-22 Stroboscope Control:  
     105-125V (50/60 HZ) 01-1158
     210-250V (50/60 HZ) 01-1159
 Model SB-11 Strobe Lamp 01-1171
 Extra Flashtube 90-9003
 Universal Trigger Input Cable Kit:  
     7-Pin plug and 8-foot cable for 26-1268
     custom wiring to trigger source  
 Cables for connecting multiple controls:  
     6-foot Trigger Output Cable 26-1224
     18-foot Trigger Output Cable 26-1225

Strobe Lamp Mounting Accessories

1 – P/N 59-1099 Clamp (clamps up to 2.5″)

2 – P/N 59-1101 Pin Adapter (for mounting lamp into ½” diameter hole)

3 – P/N 59-1100 Wall Bracket (for mounting on a vertical surface)

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