Clear or Low-Contrast Label Detection

The LRD2100 Label Edge Detection System has been specifically designed to detect clear or low-contrast pressure-sensitive labels.

Photoelectric thru-beam scanners are supplied as standard equipment on label counting models of Web Techniques rewind machines. Thru-beam scanners work extremely well for most label types. Opaque or semi-transparent pressure-sensitive die-cut labels with a space between them appear as dark images to thru-beam scanners. However, they are unable to detect clear or low-contrast labels.

The LRD2100 uses a non-contact electronic probe (capacitance type) to detect the presence of labels. By integrating this innovative scanner system with the Web Techniques Label Counting Rewind Machine, exact label counting of difficult-to-detect labels can now be done! The LRD2100 is also very effective with standard die-cut types of labels.

The LRD2100 will not detect cross-scored labels or other labels that don’t have a space between them. The sensor is not recommended for use with “conductive” inks, i.e., metallic, carbon-filled, etc.

Automatic Set-up Feature

This system includes an automatic set-up feature that self adjusts as different label material is presented to the probe. An adjustment override is included to allow manual set-up when needed.

Easily Interchangeable

Interchanging the LRD2100 scanner and the standard thru-beam scanner can be performed quickly since the LRD2100 comes with its own mounting bracket.

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