Splicing Aid

The Mounted Splicing Aid Option is now available on the WT-50 Vertical Rewind System!

Make All Your Splices Quickly and Easily… With Perfectly Straight Edges


  • Easy to use – Quickly remove defective material from a roll and/or build larger rolls by splicing small rolls together.
  • Instant set-up – The splicing aid can be placed anywhere along the front edge of your rewind machine while in use, and removed immediately when you are finished with it.
  • Cuts perfectly straight edges – Eliminate inaccurate hand-cutting methods (i.e., scissors, hand-held ruler and razor blades).
  • Prevents web breaks on automatic label applicators caused by bad splices.


  • A combination of stainless steel and hard-coated aluminum provides long-lasting durability while keeping the splicing aid lightweight.
  • Two clamps tightly secure each piece of material to be cut and/or spliced together, ensuring accurate and even splices.
  • Two razor blade slots, one angled and one straight, allow you to cut perfectly straight edges.
  • Compact size makes this splicing aid convenient to handle and work with.

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