Hickman Family

What We Do

Web Techniques Inc. is a proud manufacturer of equipment for the label industry. In the absolute simplest terms our systems unwind, count and then rewind labels. If you have labels that you are having difficulty with or just want to see your product run on one of our systems, please contact us so we can setup a video demonstration. We love to solve our customer’s problems and have our industry define where our product innovation should be.

About Us

Web Techniques Inc. has been building the fastest, most accurate rewind systems in the world since 1976. This is our pledge to our customers: If it is not right, we will make it right. We follow the Golden Rule at Web Techniques and treat others as we would want to be treated. If you ever have any questions or concerns about a Web Techniques product or service, feel free to contact me (Todd Hickman) directly. Thank you for your interest in Web Techniques!

Todd Hickman
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Family Owned Business

Todd and Susan Hickman purchased Web Techniques in 2014. Todd is a degreed Mechanical Engineer and attained a Master’s in Business Administration from Fontbonne University in St. Louis. Susan is a degreed Social Worker and experienced Office Manager. They have two wonderful children, Mia and Michael; that both help when they can around the office. Together Todd and Susan are driving Web Techniques forward. They, along with the dedicated staff of Web Techniques, are focusing on innovation and new product development. At the same time, they are successfully upholding the world renowned quality service that the customers of Web Techniques deserve and expect.

Major Products

Focusing on building on the success garnered over decades of manufacturing high quality equipment for the tag and label industry, the Hickman’s set about refreshing the design of the industry proven WT-25 family of systems. This redesign produced the WT-30 line. The WT-30 changed very little mechanically from the WT-25 while completely redesigning the system controls. Gone are the old printed circuit boards and LCD readouts, the WT-30 now incorporates, PLC control, Touch Screen input, Variable Frequency Drive speed adjustment and a high precision encoder to ensure spot on speed and length accuracy every time.

Value Statement

Web Techniques is constantly reinventing what can be done with an off-line rewind system (printing, barcode validation, vision, OCR, slitting, etc.). We would appreciate the time to show you how we have helped many of our large customers (P&G, CCL, Pfizer, etc.) become more efficient and broaden their customer base.