Lift-Off Air Coreholder

These coreholders offer the BEST OF BOTH styles (Cam-Lock and Flange Mounted Air). They can be removed and installed in a second or two with no tools. Inflation is by means of a rubber tipped air nozzle. The fill valve has a cone shaped hole so accurate nozzle placement is not required. Deflation is accomplished nearly instantly and comfortably by pushing down on the fill valve with a fingertip. A major advantage of this system is that Lift-Off Air Coreholders are 100% interchangeable with Lift-Off Cam-Lock coreholders. You can use air inflated coreholders for your most common jobs and save money by using economical cam-lock coreholders for odd jobs that do not require slitting. You can also graduate up from a machine with Lift-Off Cam-Lock coreholders to Lift-Off Air Coreholders with no modification required to the machine. Air coreholders can accommodate cores with a broader range of inside diameter tolerance. They expand concentrically for smoother operation, grip firmer, and release easier. An air coreholder is required in the rewind position if the machine is going to be used for slitting.

Two Types of Inflation Systems Available

The standard inflation system consists of an air filter/regulator, hose, and nozzle which are attached to the machine as shown. For even faster and easier inflation, our new Easy Reach Inflation system positions the nozzle out of the way above the table top. The nozzle is suspended on a tool retractor which allows it to be lowered for inflation and returns the nozzle to a parked position when it is released.