Missing Label / Unremoved Matrix Detector

The ERR-14 Missing Label/Unremoved Matrix Detector has united the two types of error detecting requested most by the pharmaceutical industry into one operation. It works in conjunction with the photoelectric counting system provided as standard equipment on a Web Techniques Model WT-25LCI* Roll Label Rewind Machine.



Detects missing labels on rolls of pressure-sensitive die-cut labels on a liner with a gap between each label while simultaneously detecting for matrix that was not removed from the liner between the labels.

A bright red error light will illuminate and the machine will stop upon detection of either error.

Separate controls are provided so that either error detection system may be operated independently of the other, i.e., On/Off Switch, Error Light and Thumbwheel Switches. The entire system may be turned off when no detection is necessary.

Large, easy-to-read switches are provided directly on the face of the control cabinet, allowing convenient access when entering settings for different label runs or resetting the system after an error has been detected.

The heart of the system is the Control Cabinet. This cabinet contains high-speed, digital electronic logic circuitry which monitors signals from the photoelectric counting system and a rotary encoder. The rotary encoder is used to measure label length and the distance between the labels. The encoder itself is driven by a ten-inch circumference pinch roller and puts out a steady stream of pulses. These pulses are monitored and read by the control cabinet as the web moves. The control cabinet’s logic system is then able to detect when variances occur in the stream of pulses, indicating a missing label or unremoved matrix.

A bright red error light will illuminate upon detection of an error and the machine will come to a stop. The operator will then be able to locate the error(s) and take corrective action as needed.

*This option can also be installed on a Model WT-25LC Rewind Machine when ordered with the optional LCI table top. 

NOTE: This option is not field installable. It must be ordered at the time of machine purchase.

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