Data Logging for Rewind Systems

Do you wish that you could record live rewind data with: Label Count, Time & Date Stamp, Operator Information, and Product/Customer Name? Well, now you can with the revolutionary data logging system offered as an option on all WT-30 & WT-35 series rewind systems from Web Techniques.

The Web Techniques Data Logging HMI Option is designed to be added to any WT-30 or WT-35 Rewind System. The Data Logging option allows users to:

  • Date and Time Stamp Roll Runs.
  • Record user information.
  • Record Label Count information.

All of this information is documented and saved as a CSV file to a removable SD card that can be accessed via a SD to USB card adapter. Once the data is downloaded to a PC with a spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, example file pictured below) the data can be saved and manipulated for storage on your network.

Special Data Collection Information

Available upon request. Please do not hesitate to bring us your unusual or one off requests. We can record and collect any data required. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!