This system has been upgraded to the WT-30 Label Rewind & Inspection System

Solve your label inventory issues with a Web Techniques Rewind System

Save money and time by quickly and accurately counting and rewinding your labels with a web techniques rewind system

  1. Fast, easy to use
  2. Requires practically no set-up time
  3. Quickly rewinds large master rolls into rolls of predetermined count


  • Infinitely variable motor speed control
  • System will automatically “over speed” the motor, rewinding smaller diameter cores twice as fast as the wt-25 rewind system family
  • High visibility, backlit touch screen control
  • Dual preset: set one point for deceleration and a second point for final stop
  • Counts in both english or metric units at the touch of a button
  • Wind labels in or out
  • Stainless steel rewind surface
  • Standard 10”, 12” counts or metric increments
  • Choice of coreholder styles: Lift-off cam-lock (mechanical), Lift-off air inflatable (great choice for quickly switching between coreholder sizes), Flange mounted air inflatable
  • Choice of coreholder sizes: Coreholders range in size from coreless to 0.4” through 6” (25mm through 120mm), please do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests
  • Choice of counting systems: Our systems are compatible with almost any counting system available, please do not hesitate to contact us with any special requests

Product Specifications

  • Height: 26.00"
  • Width: 56.00"
  • Depth: 26.00"

Parts & Support