LED Strobe

Inspect printed labels accurately and at high speeds!

Inspect Rolls at a Full 1200+ Feet Per Minute!

The Web Techniques LED Strobe is an option for any new (WT-30LCI and WT-35 series) Web Techniques Rewind System! This option can also be retrofitted on existing WT-25LCI’s. Improve your error detection with the LED Strobe. The strobe light creates a “stand still” effect, allowing visual inspection at high speeds.


  • Base unit includes an LED strobe light mounted on an adjustable arm, and a strobe control box. 
  • Adjustable arm allows easy light adjustments for multiple rolls of labels! 
  • Optocoupled trigger input for external synchronization devices (provides noise immunities). 
  • Self-compensating power supply provides a steady flash with no false triggering or missing flashes. 


  • Energy Efficient!
  • Inspect rolls at speeds up to 1200 fpm!
  • Consistent bright light at all speeds!