Quadrature Counting

100% Guaranteed Label Counting


Web Techniques is proud to introduce 100% guaranteed accuracy on a rewind system. With the Quadrature Count Option on our WT-35 Rewind System you can now attain absolute accurate results with your rewind system without worrying about web bounce or miss reads on one sensor. The Quadrature Count Option utilizes two sensors (see picture to the right) to ensure 100% guaranteed counts by mimicking the quadrature signal created by most encoders. The sensors function in a manner that if they miss trigger or do not trigger in the correct sequence the system will disregard the read and not mistakenly add or remove a label. To learn more about Web Techniques Quadrature Count Option or any of our other revolutionary products, visit our website at webtechniquesinc.com.

No more +/- 1 per 10,000 label count guestimates! The Web Techniques Quadrature Count Option now provides piece of mind that your counts are correct. Couple this along with the proven track record and stability of the bi-directional WT-35 Rewind System and you have a true label counting solution.

The Quadrature Count Option is available only on new WT-35 Rewind Systems. The option can also be disabled if less accurate counting is required or extremely narrow webs are being run (the two sensor setup limits web widths to ¾”).
Give us a call today so we can set up a live streaming demonstration. We can even run your labels on the WT-35 to demonstrate features and go over control nuances so you can guarantee the best experience once you have your new WT-35 Rewind System.