So for this part of the demonstration, we've done many runs on this but we want to show you firsthand. Now, we are going to use the quad count function with the two sensors. We have it plugged in here as well. And as you can see, we're on label one of 2,000 with the final count of 2,000 and we have our leader there.

So we're going left to right here first, to show you an accurate count. So we're at about 250 labels. Counting with both sensors this time. Now we're at about halfway through the roll. And we're getting close to the end of the roll here, again, our final count we want to get is 2000. And we just completed our roll here left to right. And we go over to the screen here labeled count 2000, go to our last label here, 2000 of 2000.

So the last part of this video, we're going to go right to the left, looking for that same count of 2000. So we're going to reset the count on the screen, and we're going to go right to left here with our quad count function, just to show you that we're going to accomplish 2000 labels once again, Now we're at about 700 labels in cruising along again, going right to left with our quad count function. Now we're at about halfway through. Now we're at about 1700 labels getting close to the end here. And we are at the end of our role here.

Final label count of 2000. And so that was going right to left having accurate counts. In our previous video, we showed going left to right with single count of DL-1 sensor, no issues after many runs and then as well with quad count going left to right and right to left. So you should have no issues counting labels, having an accurate account, but we do recommend having a leader in a trailer to have a little bit of leeway from having any miss triggers or anything like that, to make sure you have accurate accounts. 

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