We recommend using an aerosol spray can of Pledge Cleaner with your rewind machine. When a machine is brand new, the stainless steel top is clean and has a “grain” that supports the roll of labels on millions of miniature points. After winding a few rolls, the high points in the stainless steel begin to smooth off and the valleys in the grain fill with residue from the sides of the roll. As the machine ages, the stainless becomes smoother and smoother and the rolls of material make contact with an even greater surface area of the table. Taking a few moments to clean the top with Pledge will restore lubricity to the stainless steel surface and result in looser rolls.

Tightness of a wound roll (created by web tension) is determined by the amount of braking applied on the unwind and by friction of the roll running against the table surface. When a roll of labels is wound too tightly, the adhesive will “bleed” from the edges of the label and the roll will become sticky and not unwind freely. Delicate webs (such as perforated labels) can break under high tension. It is possible for friction alone to create more web tension than is desired.

Prove to Yourself That It Works

Before cleaning the table top, lay a roll of labels on the table surface. While pressing downward, note the amount of force required to rotate the roll by hand. Then clean the table top with Pledge and repeat the process. You will note a dramatic reduction in the amount of force it takes to rotate the roll.


Why Not Silicone Spray?

Many people report using silicone spray to provide the same effect. Our experience with silicone spray is that it tends to build up and become sticky as it ages. When it is first applied and is still “wet,” silicone provides similar lubricity to Pledge. However, it does not hold up nearly as long. Furthermore, while the silicone surface may reduce friction between the roll and table top once the web is in motion, the static friction that must be overcome to get the roll moving is much higher than when pledge is used. The “wax” surface created by Pledge just simply works better.

Try it. We think you'll like it!