The DL1 sensor is an optoelectronic slot sensor that is used for detecting pressure sensitive labels on a liner that have a space between them. The scanner does not require any maintenance other than to periodically clean the optical sensor with a soft cloth and check that the electrical connections remain tight.

Training the DL-1 Gap Label Sensor

  1. Position a gap (it may be easier to remove a label while setting the DL1 sensor) in the sensing area of the DL1 gap sensor.
    Dl1 fig1
  2. Press and hold the yellow setting button on the sensor for three seconds while the sensor is trained over the gap or liner material to be counted/triggered until the OUT yellow LED blinks.
  3. Once the yellow SET button is released, the sensor has acquired the target material.
  4. Now position the label and liner/backing in the DL1’s sensing area briefly press the yellow SET button while the label and liner/backing are in the DL1’s sensing area. Three blinks of the green READY LED indicate successful training of the DL1 gap sensor.
    Dl1 fig2

Dl1 labels


  • In case of unsuccessful acquisition, the READY green LED blinks quickly. If this is the case, briefly press the yellow SET button to go back to Step 1 of the training procedure and follow the steps accordingly. 
  • If error persists, label-to-background contrast might be insufficient to obtain a correct acquisition result. Contact Web Techniques to determine if another Label Sensor may be needed for your application.