The WT-25 Label Rewinding Machine has a ‘count by length’ counting system. This system consists of a counter, a counter circuit board (which plugs into the rear of the counter), a Counter Drive Roll (this has one magnet in the bottom), and two magnetic proximity switches called reed switches that are mounted in the tabletop surface itself just underneath the counter drive roll. The circumference of the standard counter drive roll is 10” (12” or Metric 10cm counter drive rolls are also available). Each revolution of the standard counter drive roll represents 10” of web travel and increments the counter by one.

Parts for a WT-25 Series Counting System include:

  • Counter 85-1302 for WT-25 or 26-1175 for WT-25LC & WT-25LCI
  • Counter Circuit Board 01-1113 for WT-25 or 01-1107 for WT-25LC & WT-25LCI
  • Reed Switches (2) 26-1101 (all models)
  • Wiring Harness from Counter Circuit Board to Reed Switches 26-1102
  • Wiring Harness from Counter Circuit Board to Main Circuit Board 26-1132

Counter does not light up

  • Check if the LED lights on the counter circuit board are lit. If not, then the counter may need replacing.
  • Check for 115v power to terminals 11 & 12 at the back of the counter (not at back of the circuit board). If there is 115v to the back of the counter at terminals 11, then replace the counter. If there is no power at terminals 11 & 12, then check for a blown fuse, a broken wire in the wiring harness, whether the machine’s power switch is on, or is there a power outage at the receptacle where the machine is plugged.

Counter Won’t reset to Zero when pressing green stop button after reaching stop count (Length Mode Only)

  • Check the ice cube relays to make sure they are seated properly with good connection
  • Replace Counter to see if that cures the issue, if not then, replace counter circuit board.
  • If neither new counter or new counter circuit board does not cure problem, check wiring behind green start button or replace button.
  • Check Wire #21 for broken wire bad connection.

Counter Just Skips Counting

  • This could be due to a number of factors alone or all of them at once. Remove the counter drive roll by loosening the lock collar and removing the roll. There are two magnetic proximity switches (Reed Switches) that sense when the magnet in the bottom of the counter drive roll is near. Check for debris build-up on top of these switches. Also check to make sure that these switches have not been pushed too far down from the tabletop surface. The top of these switches should reside near the surface of the stainless steel top.
  • Check to see if there is a locking collar properly install on the top of the counter drive roll. If not, as the web is moving this could cause the counter drive roll to be riding up and pulling the magnet away from the reed witches. Replace the locking collar and fiber washers.
  • Intermittent connection between the reed switches and the counter circuit board, check to make sure the connectors are all fastened correctly and check that the Molex pins in the connectors have not pulled back (caused by pulling on the wires instead of the connector to disconnect).
  • Counter circuit board make be failing, IC chip on this board make be at fault or the entire board needs replacing.

Counter Randomly Resets to Zero

  • First check the programming in the counter by following the counter re-programming instructions in the operator’s manual (we can e-mail these instructions if necessary). Check for intermittent or loose connections on the back of the counter and in the wiring harness Molex connectors. Check for smashed pins on the counter circuit board caused by over tightening screws at the rear of the counter, replace counter circuit board.
  • Check the receptacle where the machine is plugged to make sure that the ground is working properly. Make sure all ground wires on the machine are connected and making good contact. Static build-up and discharge can cause a counter to react intermittently.
  • SEE Counter Re-Programming. After checking the programming in the counter, if there is no problem detected, and the above steps have been followed, and then consider replacing the counter.

Counter Loses Presets

  • If the counter is randomly losing its presets, this could be a symptom that the counter is ready for replacement or it could be caused by chronic static build-up and discharge. Re-program the counter, if unsuccessful, replace the counter and take static precautions.
  • Perform static countermeasures, tinsel, ionization bars or anti-static sprays to alleviate future static build-up.

Machine Counts Backwards

  • If the proper recommended webpath for this machine is being used, then swap the two connectors connecting wires on the two reed switches. The wires for the reed switches protrude from holes in the table underneath the counter drive roll. Each reed switch has two wires that go to a connector. The connector then plugs into another connector on the wiring harness leading to the counter circuit board. By switching these connectors, you change the direction of the count.

Counter Re-Programming

  • The counter re-programming instructions are located in the rear of the instructional portion of the manual.
  • Best advice for checking the programming is to:
    1. Take it slow;
    2. Do this when you will not be interrupted (important);
    3. Ensure what it says on the paper is what it says on the counter because the letter and number digit combinations used can look deceiving;
    4. Ensure the counter is locked before you begin using the machine. There is a lock code included to unlock the program and lock the program back. Go through each step slowly, stopping to double check yourself at each step. Making sure the counter program is locked when finished can be accomplished by pressing the program key and “LOC” should appear.

Counter Won’t Count

  • Check Reed switches are working by looking on the counter circuit at the DS1 and DS2 led lights. If those are working properly, then check the programming in the counter. If inside the program of the counter is registering all FFFFF's in some locations of the program, this a counter fault that is an internal counter problem that is the typical result of dirty power issues, power surges, spikes, brown outs or chronic static electricity build-up and chronic bad grounding issues. These counters can recover from power issues, but over time the damage becomes cumulative until they cannot recover anymore. Need a new counter.
  • Counter Circuit Board has gone bad and not interfacing the count to the counter from the reed switches. Replace counter circuit board.