Due to the exceptional design of the WT-25 series rewind machines, no regular maintenance schedule is to be followed. The items most frequently asked about are:

  • Bearings: Web Techniques uses "sealed" bearings which require no lubrication.
  • Motor: Brush replacement may be required, however, there is no specific time at which this replacement should occur. The life expectancy of the original brushes will vary and it may never be necessary to replace them.
  • Drive Belt: There is no lubrication required.
  • Brake Band Belt: Excessive unwind tension may cause the brake band belt to become dry resulting in a "squeaking" sound to occur when the machine is in operation. If this should happen, loosen the unwind tension knob enough to release the brake band belt. Moisten the belt with a light motor oil and position back in place.
  • For machines equipped with lift-off cam-lock coreholders, the coreholder shaft should be kept clean and rust free. Wiping the shafts periodically with WD-40 or similar product should help prevent sticking or seizing of shafts when removing or inserting the coreholder into the table.
  • Calibration¬†(Individual Label Counting Models Only): The photoelectric counting system will need to be adjusted for each application; therefore, calibration is not required. Please refer to the supplemental instruction sheet for recommended validation procedure.
  • The most important step in maintaining the performance of your Web Techniques rewind machine is regular cleaning and removal of all debris (i.e., dust, grime, adhesive, labels, tape, etc.) that can build up on the table top surface.

All coreholders, idler roll(s) and counter drive rolls should be removed from the table and the table top surface thoroughly cleaned with a non-silicone spray (we strongly recommend the use of "Pledge" by Johnson & Son, Inc.). This aids in maintaining the lubricity of the stainless steel as well as ensures all rollers will move freely while the machine is in operation.

NOTE: Idler rolls and the counter drive roll must be placed back on the table in their original positions. Failure to do so may result in length counting and/or tracking problems.