So here we have our Web Techniques WT-35VS Rewind System with our Erhardt and Leimer Smart Scan S Vision System. And the defect that we're picking up here is on the right side here on the 65, we have that blued out as well as the top 65, right over here. All of the six is going to be blued out and only half of the five.

So we're going to go ahead and start the system and the system slows down. External stop detected. And as you can see here, zoom in. So it actually didn't pick up that one but it picked up the- It picked up the other top 65, where we only took out half of the five. We're going to go to the actual defect over here. And there are. There is your defect.

What we're going to do is measure. And what have we got for a final reading there? It was 16th of an inch. 16th of an inch. So that is our defect that we picked up. And then you've just started the system to continue inspecting. Thank you.

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