Slitter Video

Check our our slitter video gallery below! Our instructional videos cover rewind table setup and operation. We also compare some of the key features between our various award-winning rewind tables.


This first video demonstrates our slitting attachment option.


In this next slitter video, we demonstrate the maximum rotational speed of our WT-30LCI vs our WT-25LCI. Faster speed means better ROI, and more money for your bottom line!


Next up, a demonstration of our WT-26 system. Low cost, same great Web Techniques quality!


This is our WT 30LC aluminum core system with 13″ wide rewind capabilities.


Rewind, print, and validation in one machine! You have to see our Barcode Printing and Validation System for the WT35VS.


Step-by-step setup of our Splice Detector System.


Serialization compliance for the global market is possible with our 21 CFR PART 11 compliant WT35VS Serialization System!


Our WT-36 RFID Rewind System allows you to quickly and accurately read, write, and validate information to RFID tags. Integrates with many common RFID computer systems.


This is an example of our WT-30LCI with integrated printing system, but our fully-integrated systems can also be applied to our other slitter/rewinding systems.


Have a sloppy, loose roll? Check out this quick fix to give you a nice, compact, tight label roll.


CSV Data logging! We have data logging options for all of our slitter/rewind tables that can be easily dumped to a spreadsheet. Slick setup and easy operation. Web Techniques.


Our bar code validation systems allow you to quickly and accurately validate bar codes on labels to maximize your return on investment.


Whether you need a high-end bi-directional vision system, or simply want to save time and money resetting your label copy position after inspection, our WT 35 bi-directional rewind system has you covered.


Our WT 30LCI rewind system is designed to meet your precise web inspection and rewinding needs. Now includes touch-screen controls and integrated PLC processor!


Check out this WT 25 Pecora Rewind demonstration!


Product Spotlight: WT-1 vs WT-2 Plate Cutters. What are the differences? How can my customers use these to reduce make-ready time? Check out this short demo video with explanations!


A full demonstration of our WT 25 series. This video is even silent so you can concentrate on all that amazing engineering. Look at it go!


Have WT-25 operation questions? Here’s our WT 25, WT 25 LC & WT 25 LCI training video!


SK-1 label detector setup, training, and explanation.


Lift Off Air Coreholder & Easy Reach Inflation System for the WT 25 & WT 25 LC. The ultimate in easy for your operators.


Coreless Coreholder Adapters for the WT 25, WT 25 LC, and WT 25 LCI!


Concerned about your operator’s ergonomics? We’ve got you covered with our Ergo List System.


Got static buildup? Check out our revolutionary Deionizer kit!


You have to see our WT-35VS in action!


Multi-Lane Counting Option


Printing/Barcode Validation System

WT-30LCI 13” Rewind System with Roll Slitting, Printing and Barcode Validation