Pharmaceutical Packaging: What You’re Doing Wrong

The highest percentage of Pharmaceutical Recall Events occurs when there is a label mix up 20% (see graphic to the right).

Web Techniques has implemented a revolutionary solution to ensure you maintain 100% accurate counting of your label stock. By using the Quadrature Count option on the WT-35 family of products Web Techniques has helped fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Companies eliminate label mix-ups and miscounts by ensuring guaranteed 100% label counting without accidental miss triggers that can create noncompliance to FDA “off-label” violations resulting in millions to billions of dollars in fines and penalties (see violation tracker information below).

WT-35 Quadrature Count Setup

The Quadrature Count Option utilizes two sensors (see picture to the right) to ensure 100% guaranteed counts by mimicking the quadrature signal created by most encoders. The sensors function in a manner that if they miss trigger or do not trigger in the correct sequence the system will disregard the read and not mistakenly add or remove a label. To learn more about Web Techniques Quadrature Count Option or any of our other revolutionary products, visit our website at