Air Coreholder Foot Treadle Actuator

A convenient, hands-free way to inflate and deflate air coreholders installed on your Web Techniques Rewind Machines.


  • Operator has both hands free to remove and install new cores and rolls.
  • Less wasted motion; no fumbling to find the switch.
  • Increased production, especially on small rolls that require changing cores more frequently.
  • Ideal for coreless rewinding.

This accessory is an absolute must for any rewinding and/or slitting job that requires rapid changing of cores on an air-inflatable coreholder. Just step on the foot treadle to inflate and deflate the coreholder as necessary.

Kit Includes

  • Foot Treadle Valve – Mounting design allows the operator to use the foot treadle at a comfortable angle.
  • Specially designed air manifold.
  • Two 42″ long heavy-duty rubber hoses.
  • Installation instructions.

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