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Pharmaceutical Packaging: What You’re Doing Wrong

The highest percentage of Pharmaceutical Recall Events occurs when there is a label mix up 20% (see graphic to the right).

Web Techniques has implemented a revolutionary solution to ensure you maintain 100% accurate counting of your label stock. By using the Quadrature Count option on the WT-35 family of products Web Techniques has helped fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Companies eliminate label mix-ups and miscounts by ensuring guaranteed 100% label counting without accidental miss triggers that can create noncompliance to FDA “off-label” violations resulting in millions to billions of dollars in fines and penalties (see violation tracker information below).

WT-35 Quadrature Count Setup

The Quadrature Count Option utilizes two sensors (see picture to the right) to ensure 100% guaranteed counts by mimicking the quadrature signal created by most encoders. The sensors function in a manner that if they miss trigger or do not trigger in the correct sequence the system will disregard the read and not mistakenly add or remove a label. To learn more about Web Techniques Quadrature Count Option or any of our other revolutionary products, visit our website at


Combine rewinding with vision to ensure pharma labeling accuracy

According to the FDA, 11% of packaging and labeling-related pharmaceutical recalls in 2014 were caused by labeling mix-ups. Many of these problems can be traced to the traditional manual approach of inspecting labels, which relies upon operators to detect errors in labels as dozens of them flash by every second.

Developers of rewind systems used to count and prepare labels for application to drug packages are moving to address this challenge by upgrading their products with machine vision so that they can automatically inspect every label to make sure it has a readable and correct bar code. Often, these machine vision systems check the label artwork, text, and other factors. The cost of machine vision equipment has fallen to the point that this type of inspection equipment can quickly pay for itself in avoided recalls and reduced labor expenses. One example of this new approach is provided by the Web Techniques WT-35 series rewind system offered with the Cognex DataMan 262X ID reader for verifying bar codes or the Cognex In-Sight 2000 machine vision sensor for complete label inspection.

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Web Techniques launches new Printing/Barcode Validation System option

Web Techniques, a Fenton, MO-based manufacturer of tabletop rewinding equipment for the narrow web industry, has launched a new Printing/Barcode Validation System option. The system allows users to print barcodes onto labels and validate those barcodes all at once – using just one simple add on.  The company has produced an educational video which shows how the new Printing/Barcode Validation System works.

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