Slitting Attachment (Model SA-2)


Model SA-2

Model SA-2


Slit rolls quickly and easily.

Eliminate slowdowns and frequent stopping associated with slitting jobs while they’re still on your press.

Faster and easier for many jobs than using expensive upright slitters/rewinders.

No tools necessary to set up and remove slitting attachment.



Press runs are faster and easier when your operator doesn’t have to concentrate on slitting and winding multiple webs on a single rewind spindle.

The SA-2 is designed for razor-blade slitting of pressure-sensitive die-cut labels that have been printed in multiple rows across the web and have the matrix removed between rows of labels. It sets up easily, is great for short runs and uses inexpensive disposable razor blades.

A unique feature of the SA-2 Slitting Attachment is its double-jointed mounting arm. This arm permits the slitting attachment to move horizontally up to 4-1/2 inches toward the rewind spindle during roll changes so the leading edge of each strip of labels can lie against its core for taping. The slitting attachment is then retracted to its normal running position. A wheel on the bottom of the slitting attachment allows it to glide freely under web tension alone as the rewind rolls increase in diameter. This “touchless” tracking feature means that nothing runs against the slit rolls as they rewind, so they do not become telescoped or distressed from mechanical contact as can occur with other table-style rewind machine slitters.

This highly productive slitting attachment was developed for use on Web Techniques Rewind Machines.

Slitting Attachment BladesRemovable
Slitting Attachment Bladespix_model_SA2_4_L
The SA-2 uses standard single-edge razor blades that are easily replaced. (One box of 100 blades is included.)It takes only seconds to lift the entire unit off the machine when not in use. One slitting attachment (with a separate mounting kit) can be used on several rewind machines.

Four 3/4-inch wide bladeholders, which require no tools for installation, are included. (Optional 1/4-inch wide bladeholders are available, mounted and adjusted by setscrews.)

Measuring scale makes precise razor blade positioning easy.

Blade Height Adjustment Knob to adjust razor bladeholders vertically as a group.

Blade Positioning Lever opens the slitting area to allow easy threading of the web.

Brush holds slit webs in place during roll changes.


NOTE:  The SA-2 is not recommended for slitting raw label stock, plain paper or other continuous single-thickness materials. An air coreholder rewind is required for slitting.