Label Counting Scanner: Auto Adjust Thru-Beam Scanner (Model SK-1)

Label Counting Scanner: Auto Adjust Thru-Beam Scanner (Model SK-1)Model SK-1




Setting the sensitivity adjustment of manually-adjusted scanners used to require a skilled operator. Now it takes only the push of a button.

The Model SK-1 scanner is an optoelectronic slot sensor that’s perfect for label detection and mark detection. It is designed to mount on various Web Techniques rewind machines. (Older models may require an additional electrical interface module. Consult the factory for details regarding your particular rewind machine).

  • Eliminates Human Error. Does not depend on operator judgment to set sensitivity.
    Wide Range. Works with a wider range of label materials than original Web Techniques scanners.
  • Visual Indicators. LED’s confirm scanner setup and operation.
  • Easily Installed. Mounting bracket designed to mount on all Web Techniques machines that have an individual label counting system.
  • Fast Setting. Takes only a few seconds to Auto Adjust to the ideal setting for different labels.
  • Retains Last Setting. Does not lose its setting if power is interrupted or when machine is turned off for the night.

To use the automatic adjustment feature, simply place a strip of label material into the slot of the sensor.  Align the sensor by centering it in the gap between the labels (green LED appears). Press and release the “Auto Adjust” button. The green LED will disappear and a red LED will blink while it is learning the transparency of the liner material in the gap.
When the red LED stops blinking and the green LED is steady, the scanner has learned the transparency of the liner, and you are ready to count!


The sensor learns the degree of transparency of the liner material. When a label passes through the scanner, the transparency decreases. The scanner can detect the label even if there is no printing on it as long as the label has some degree of opacity (it is not for clear labels). The scanner can also be set to trigger on dark eyemarks when counting butt-cut labels.

Once the scanner is installed and aligned in the web path, a simple one-knob adjustment allows it to be moved vertically across the web without affecting its angular placement.