Constant Web Speed Control

Constant Web Speed ControlConstant Web Speed Control


Roll label rewind machines employ a variable speed motor control to adjust machine speed. However, at any given motor speed, the web velocity changes constantly as the diameter of the rewinding roll increases. If the motor speed is left unchanged, the web velocity will increase by a ratio of 6-to-1 when winding an 18-inch diameter roll onto a 3-inch diameter core.

In many cases, the increasing speed becomes a problem and the operator needs to reduce the motor speed. This is especially true when a rewind machine is used with a bar code reader or ink jet printer. In situations like that, peak efficiency is obtained when the machine is running near the maximum speed at which the ancillary equipment can operate. Unfortunately, there is no indicator available on standard-equipped machines to help the operator manually maintain a desired speed.

The first indication that the machine is operating too fast may be when the inspection device begins to reject good product or the imprinting device produces poor printing (or ink begins offsetting before it is dry). Without a constant speed control, operators may run the machine slower than necessary in order to avoid problems, increasing job times and reducing profits.

The constant speed control measures web velocity and continually adjusts motor speed as required to maintain a constant web speed. In addition, the display on the constant speed control shows the set speed so there is no guesswork on the part of the operator as to what web speed the machine is running. The operator is free to devote full attention to the inspection and other processes taking place while rewinding.

Option Installed

  • Ideal for integration with ancillary inspection and imprinting devices such as Bar Code Validator, Ink Jet Imprinters, etc.
  • When enabled, will maintain web speed at the displayed operator setting (in feet per minute). Web speed can be set within a range of 10 – 1000 feet per minute.
  • Eliminates guesswork by operators when trying to manually control web speed.
  • Constant speed setting can be changed while the machine is in motion by means of up and down arrows located on the control cabinet.
  • Machine can be returned to manual speed control simply by turning the Constant Web Speed Control off.